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New Jersey Personal Auto Insurance Markets

For those holding valid drivers licenses, there are three choices available for auto insurance:

  • The voluntary standard market, where insurance is obtained at competitive rates through a selected insurance company without state assistance.
  • The voluntary nonstandard market, where insurance is obtained through a selected insurance company, but with a higher premium, based on higher risk factors such as an imperfect driving record or insuring a specialty vehicle.
  • The involuntary residual market, known in NJ as the New Jersey Automobile Insurance Plan (NJPAIP), is a state plan that guarantees legal minimums and optional comprehensive and collision coverage for those who have difficulty obtaining insurance through the voluntary standard and nonstandard markets.

Our multi-state licensed agency specializes in helping all types of consumers find the appropriate coverage for their auto insurance needs.  We are state certified to bind policies in the state assigned risk plan.

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Available discounts

Drivers may generate savings on insurance by maintaining a safe driving record and committing to certain life-style changes. Qualifying  for driver discounts can mean a savings in the 10-20% range off the bottom line of an auto insurance policy premium.

Most insurance companies offer auto insurance discounts, though they vary from state to state and company to company. Among them are:

  • Driver training discount: For young drivers upon completion of a driver training course.
  • Good student discount: For high school or college students over the age of 16; usually contingent on maintaining a B or better grade average.
  • Antitheft device discount: Available from some companies for vehicles equipped with alarms or disabling devices that reduce exposure to theft.
  • Multi-car discount: Available to those who insure two or more cars with the same company.
  • Multiple policy discount: Available from some companies to individuals carrying more than one policy (i.e., auto, home, life and/or health) with the same company.
  • Deductible discounts: Reduce your premiums by covering more of the loss before your policy kicks in. Increasing deductibles from $300 to $500 could lower collision and comprehensive premiums by 15-35%.  A $1,000 deductible may save you 40% or more.
  • Resident student discount: Offered by some companies to an insured with a resident student, without a car, at a college more than 100 miles from home. A premium reduction may be available to those taking a car, depending on the college location.
  • Safety feature discount: Available from some companies to drivers of cars with air bags or daytime running lights. New York, New Jersey and Florida provide discounts for antilock brakes (ABS). Some companies have national discounts in place, while others have phased these out since most newer makes and models provide air bags and ABS systems as standard equipment.
  • Nondrinker and/or nonsmoker discounts: These are usually offered by specialized insurers.
  • Completion of a state-approved senior driver defensive course: Senior drivers 60 and older in Ohio can obtain a discount by completing an accident prevention course.
  • Commuter or carpools: If your mileage is limited or you take public transportation to work or carpool, ask if a mileage discount is available.
  • Other discounts: Low annual mileage, safe driver discount for remaining free of moving violations and/or crashes for three years and policyholder loyalty discounts for remaining with an insurer for a set period of time.
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